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A practical guide to transitioning to Open Banking

As more financial institutions share data via Open Banking, there are specific requirements when it comes to both access and usage. Ensure you’re prepared for the transition by considering the key areas including your UX, Accreditation and Security.

Download this handy guide + checklist and prepare for your transition to receiving Open Banking data


In order to use Open Banking under the Consumer Data Right, organisations must choose a pathway for participation in the CDR from a range of models. Which model is best for your organisation?

User Experience

Customer consent underpins the CDR, so the communication of consent along the customer journey is critical. Also what is the actual experience like when it transitions from your app to the banks’ app to sign in?


The CDR sets out specific requirements on the level of security you need in order to be able to use Open Banking data. What documentation do you have and what controls are in place?