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Securely share data through the Basiq platform

Basiq was created with a vision to make finance easy and to empower everyone to have control over their data.

Through the Basiq platform you have control over the sharing of your data with applications you know and trust in a safe and secure way.

The sharing of your data is private & secure, giving you peace of mind knowing your information is safe & protected with bank grade security.

What data do we collect?

  • Once authorised, Basiq only collects the data that is required by our partners to provide you the service you have requested
  • Required data can include your transactions and balances as well as general identity data including names and email addresses.
  • This allows our partners to speed up identity and account verification required to provide you with access to powerful applications and services.
  • Your data is private and secure - no human sees it except for the business you choose to share your data with.

We use the same data centres & services trusted by the most highly-regulated organisations in the world… We use the same data centres & services trusted by the world's leading organisations.

Using advanced security technology, the Basiq platform keeps your data safe and secure while it’s being processed via state of the art system design and encryption.

Government endorsed

Connect your data to the applications you know and trust through a federal government defined process - the Consumer Data Right.

Data retention

Automated data governance and controls ensures your data is kept only as long as it's needed.

Secure by design

Our systems are designed in a way that your data will never be seen by Basiq, only the application you're sharing it with.

Data encryption

Stored data & data in transit is protected by state of the art encryption between your financial institution & the partner application.

Restricted access

Secure architectural design is utilised to restrict access to systems from external networks and between systems internally.

Real-time monitoring

We conduct access & behavioural monitoring, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection to pinpoint threats & keep our system secure.

Basiq Organisation accreditations

Basiq Platform Environment (AWS)

Technical Documentation

Understand the Basiq platform’s technical security details through our official API documentation.

Basiq Platform Security 101

We are as safe as any bank. Learn about the Basiq platform including details about our security accreditations & how data is shared.

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Data Encryption

Learn more about the specifics of how the Basiq platform secures, protects and passes data along with our hashed-data storage architecture.

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