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Report: an Inside look at Open Banking

Unlock the potential of Open Finance

Connect your product to your users’ financial data easily and securely through a single platform. Access a variety of data sources including Open Banking to build engaging experiences your users will love.

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All the tools you need to build your application

  • Data

    Get access to data from banks, other financial institutions including superannuation & energy providers. With access to information including accounts and transactions through Open Banking, get the most complete picture of end users to launch your application.

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    • Hungry Jack’s
      -$11.20 12 Mar
    • Deliveroo
      -$24.35 13 Mar
    • Income from Apollo Group
      +$6,442.21 14 Mar
    • BP Fuel
      -$62.76 18 Mar
    • Uber
      -$14.80 19 Mar
  • Insights

    Identify specific patterns and trends from financial data such as income, expenses, assets and liabilities. Generate affordability insights to get a comprehensive view of end users.

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    • +$8,107 Avg. monthly credits
    • -$7,537 Avg. monthly debits
    • +$7,228 Average monthly amount from salary
    • -$2,289 Total credit card balance
    • 26.2% % of spend on non-discretionary expense
  • Data holder

    Meet requirements of the CDR with a comprehensive data holder solution encompassing authorisation, compliance, consent management, security and ongoing reporting.

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Australia’s leading Open Banking platform

If you’re looking to get access to Open Banking, we’ve got you covered. Basiq provides all the knowledge and tools you need to access and use Open Banking data. Learn more at Basiq’s Open Banking hub.


have shared their data through the
Basiq platform


have accessed data through the
Basiq platform

Data Sources

covering all major institutions with access
to 99% of the AU & NZ population

Powering leading banks and fintechs

Solve for common industry challenges

Enhance your KYC & AML processes

Streamline onboarding with Basiq and securely connect users to their bank accounts to share verified real-time account and transaction data. Payers and collectors can enjoy a simple payment experience with real-time identification and verification that helps reduce the risk of fraud and assist with KYC/AML processes.

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Dishonour fees affecting your bottom line?

Reduce dishonour fees using data and insights via Basiq. Streamline onboarding and verify accounts so customers are ready for their first payment. With the ability to access accounts with ongoing consent, pre-fund checks can help reduce the risk of unsuccessful payments. Bye bye dishonours!

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Increase your speed to yes

The lack of a complete financial view and insight into a customer's financial position can inhibit growth opportunities and increase the time it takes to acquire customers. Lenders use the Basiq platform to innovate, reduce operational costs and improve their customers' experiences.

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As a result, it will improve overall assessment accuracy, reducing bad debt and contributing to bottom line savings in the order of tens of thousands of dollars annually

Campbell Nicoll, Chief Risk Officer
Developer Friendly Open Banking APIs

Built for developers

Get a head start with our developer guides, and make your first call to our APIs within a few minutes. Simple to use, RESTful, and fully documented APIs that help you integrate seamlessly with your application. Our intuitive sandbox allows you to test your apps before going live.

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curl --request GET \
    --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
    --header 'authorization: Bearer {token}'

Submit >

"type": "account",
"id": "s55bf3",
"accountHolder": "GAVIN BELSON",
"accountNo": "600000-157441965",
"availableFunds": "420.28",
"balance": "356.50",
"creditLimit": "400000.00",
"class": {
   "type": "mortgage",
   "product": "Hooli Home Loan"
"connection": "8fce3b",
"currency": "AUD",
"institution": "AU00000",
"lastUpdated": "2019-09-28T13:39:33Z",
"name": "Master Savings",
"status": "available",
"transactionIntervals": [
     "from": "2018-07-01",
     "to": "2018-12-30"
"links": {
   "institution": "",
   "transactions": "'s55bf3')",
   "self": ""

Developer quick start guides

Everything you need to successfully integrate with the Basiq API

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Easy to use consent solution

Reduce development costs and accelerate time to market with an out of the box consent UI. Create a more native experience and easily integrate into your application.

  • Define data scope and purpose of collection

  • Manage consent policies and dynamically generate the UI

  • Configure branding, styling & content elements

  • Integrate analytics to optimise user journeys

  • Preview changes in editor before going live

Accelerate time to market with the Basiq dashboard

Easily manage applications and access to data + uncover valuable insights about your users, all without requiring development effort.

What can you do?

Securely view your customer’s financials

Generate reports of your customer's data

Refresh customer
data in real-time

Create reports on consumer affordability

Dashboard administration and user management

Configure consent policy & user interface

View real-time connector status

Set up development environment

Troubleshoot errors

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