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Real-time access to financial data

Enable users to securely share their data, empowering you to build your financial application. Access the most comprehensive and dependable financial data available in the market.

Businesses accessing Open Banking data through Basiq

Connect seamlessly to customer data

  • Banking Data

  • Superannuation Data

  • Energy Data

  • Banking Data

    Access financial data feeds from banks, including CDR Open Banking data, with account information and detailed transaction history. Verify account ownership, conduct real-time balance checks, and understand spend behaviour.

  • Superannuation Data

    Generate a holistic view of a user’s superannuation accounts. Verify account ownership, super fund balances, and transactions that show changes in super holdings.

  • Energy Data

    Consume data from electricity and gas providers to generate a view of energy usage. Understand energy consumption with access to data such as usage and supply charges, pricing, discounts and meter readings.

Get access to Open Banking data

Access powerful tools and services to unlock the full potential of Open Banking and other sectors under the Consumer Data Right (CDR). Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of resources, coupled with a robust security and compliance program to guide you through the optimal path.

Take advantage of our Consent UI solution, Starter kits, and Developer dashboard and understand the various access models to accelerate access to CDR data.

The most complete coverage in the market

Access over 170 financial institutions spanning Australia and New Zealand, serving 99% of the population. This includes Open Banking connections to all Consumer Data Right (CDR) data holders.

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Easily manage user consent

Cut down on development costs and speed up your time to market by using Basiq's ready-to-use Consent UI solution. Simply drop the customisable consent UI into your application to enable the sharing of data to seamlessly align with your application.

Utilise the Dashboard to manage consent policies that dynamically generates the user interface, set up branding and styling components, and integrate analytics to maximise conversions.

Streamline access to data via the Basiq dashboard

Easily manage applications and access to data + uncover valuable insights about your users, all without requiring development effort.

Get Started

What can you do?

Securely view your customers’
financial details

Generate insight reports of
your customers’ data

Refresh customer data
in real-time

Create magiclinks to
obtain user consent

Configure consent policy
& user interface

Set up multiple development

Troubleshoot institution
connection errors

View real-time
connector statuses

Dashboard administration
and user management

Data use cases

Build your application


Leverage Basiq throughout the lending cycle to accelerate approval times, increase conversion rates and provide seamless customer experiences.

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Personal Financial Management

Generate a comprehensive view of a customer’s finances by connecting to multiple financial institutions to provide personal finance management tools and services.

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Wealth & investing

Streamline customer onboarding by using account verification when connecting to bank accounts. ‘Round up’ transactions and automate payments into investment accounts.

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Built for developers

Get a head start with our developer guides, and make your first call to our APIs within a few minutes. Simple to use, RESTful, and fully documented APIs that help you integrate seamlessly with your application. Our intuitive sandbox allows you to test your apps before going live.

Get started

curl --request GET \
    --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
    --header 'authorization: Bearer {token}'

Submit >

"type": "account",
"id": "s55bf3",
"accountHolder": "GAVIN BELSON",
"accountNo": "600000-157441965",
"availableFunds": "420.28",
"balance": "356.50",
"creditLimit": "400000.00",
"class": {
   "type": "mortgage",
   "product": "Hooli Home Loan"
"connection": "8fce3b",
"currency": "AUD",
"institution": "AU00000",
"lastUpdated": "2019-09-28T13:39:33Z",
"name": "Master Savings",
"status": "available",
"transactionIntervals": [
     "from": "2018-07-01",
     "to": "2018-12-30"
"links": {
   "institution": "",
   "transactions": "'s55bf3')",
   "self": ""

Developer quick start guides

Everything you need to successfully integrate with the Basiq API.

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Other Products


Generate insights from financial data and get a complete financial picture of your customers. Understand income sources, financial commitments, risk metrics and obtain accurate expense categorisation and merchant insights.

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Data Holder

Meet requirements of the CDR with a comprehensive data holder
solution encompassing authorisation, compliance, consent management, security and ongoing reporting.

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