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Four new use cases for Open Banking’s future

The Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR) is designed as an exceptionally forward-thinking policy. However we are only scraping the surface of its potential.

This white paper takes a forward looking view at the Open Banking regime’s future, cemented in four novel use cases.

What are some of the key
takeaways from the
White Paper?

Novel use cases

New use cases will emerge at the intersection of insights and action. These include Rules and event-based payment initiation, Dynamic credit risk decisioning and Autonomous personal finance.

Towards Open Banking

Historically, consumers have only had the ability to interact with their data via technology known as ‘screen scraping’ but the roll out of Open Banking has accelerated.

What the future holds

Open Banking will be bedded down over the next five years. As the CDR moves into other sector such as energy and telco, innovation will accelerate at an economy wide level.