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Filter out accounts for more accurate insights

Basiq now allows you to exclude irrelevant accounts for more accurate insights on a customer’s assets, liabilities, expenses and income.

Filter by account

You asked and we listened. In response to feedback from our partners, we have added account filtering to Basiq Affordability. This new feature lets you specify which accounts are used to generate insights for a customer’s assets, liabilities, aggregated expenses and identified income.

We developed this feature in recognition that the ability to choose accounts is important when assessing a customer’s personal financial position. Common examples include where a customer holds both business and personal accounts with the same institution, or joint accounts like a credit card that they do not use themselves.

Accurate financial assessments

The ability to exclude and include accounts when assessing a person’s financial position makes both lending and financial advice more accurate.

You can use this feature by passing an optional array of accounts in the request body when creating any of the Affordability resources. Only transactions from those accounts specified will be used to generate the affordability objects, ignoring transactions in non-specified accounts even if they have been connected.

To improve the user experience we have also added a section on the Accounts Summary page of the Affordability PDF report that lists out accounts that have been excluded from the Affordability insights.

Learn more in our API reference, and try it out for yourself by signing up for a free trial.