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Easy and secure access to a vast range of financial institutions across Australia and New Zealand. Connect directly to banks, credit unions, building societies, card issuers and more.

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We make it easy for customers to link their accounts through a consent-driven framework – enabling you to focus on onboarding and delivering your use case.

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Everything you need to quickly and securely develop, test and deploy your app.

Use our hosted consent management controls to speed up development or leverage our APIs to control the entire UI experience.

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Easily monitor job and connector performance with our intuitive dashboard.

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Your customer’s data is safe with enterprise-grade security for data at rest, in transit and in use.

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Start developing immediately by connecting your app to our rich sandbox environment that simulates real banking data.

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Basiq provides all the tools necessary to easily and safely acquire financial data.
Use our developer-friendly APIs and UI controls to integrate directly within your application.

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Use Open Banking and the Basiq platform to instantly verify bank accounts, assist with KYC/AML and mitigate risk for a seamless user experience.

Accelerate time to market with Basiq’s developer starter kits, all you need is an API key to setup your app and be up and running in 5 minutes.
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We have taken extreme care to design APIs that can easily be integrated with your solution, enabling you to access quality data and get to market faster.

  "type": "account",
  "institution": "AU00000",
  "accountHolder": "Gavin Belson",
  "name": "e-saver",
  "class": "savings",
  "accountNo": "00000-11111",
  "availableFunds": "420.28",
  "balance": "356.50",
  "currency": "AUD",
  "lastUpdated": "2020-03-20T13:39:33Z"
  "id": "fx789e",
  "type": "transaction",
  "description": "FLIGHT CENTRE CO    BRISB    QL",
  "status": "posted",
  "postDate": "2017-11-10T21:46:44Z",
  "transactionDate": "2017-11-09T00:00:00Z",
  "amount": "-139.98",
  "balance": "356.50",
  "direction": "debit",
  "class": "payment",
  "subClass": {
    "code": "722",
    "title": "Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services"
    "type": "identity",
    "id": "9gb9927b8",
    "created": "2022-03-01T07:29:34Z",
    "updated": "2022-03-014T02:44:19Z",
    "source": "myGov",
    "fullName": "Max Smith",
    "firstName": "Max",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "middleName": "",
    "title": "Mr", 
    "DOB": "",
    "occupationCode": "111111",
    "phoneNumbers": [
    "emailAddresses": [
    "physicalAddresses": [
        "type": "mail",  
        "addressLine1": "123 Basiq St",
        "addressLine2": null,
        "addressLine3": null,
        "postcode": "2099",
        "city": "Dee Why",
        "state": "NSW",
        "country": "Australia",
        "countryCode": "AU",
        "formattedAddress": "123 Basiq St, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia"
    "organisation": {
      "agentFirstName": "Max",
      "agentLastName": "Smith",
      "agentRole": "Owner",
      "businessName": "Hooli Store",
      "legalName": "Hooli Store Pty Ltd",
      "shortName": "Hooli",
      "abn": "1234567890",
      "acn": "123456789",
      "isACNCRegistered": true,
      "industryCode": "12345",
      "industryCodeVersion": "ANZSIC_1292.0_2006_V1.0",
      "organisationType": "COMPANY",
      "registeredCountry": "Australia",
      "establishmentDate": "05-11-1991"

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Connect works seamlessly with our other products. Use acquired data to understand the nature of each spend via Enrich, get the complete financial view of your customers with Affordability and execute payments through the Basiq platform by combining the power of financial data and payments.

Enhance transactions with
merchant data


Get rich insights by identifying the merchant, expense category and location of each bank transaction.

Gain deep insight of your
customer’s finances


Get a better understanding of your customer’s financials by identifying income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Uncover rich insights
with data driven payments


Execute payments through the Basiq platform by combining the power of financial data and payments.

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