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We’re thrilled to welcome GoGive to the Basiq platform via our Startup Launchpad!

About GoGive

GoGive was born with the mission of simplifying the act of donating to increase the available funds to Australian charities. GoGive started by focusing on the round-up donation method: a new way of donating that softens the psychological friction of giving money away. This method lets users automatically round up their everyday purchases and donate the spare change to their favourite charities. It’s a few dollars a week per user, but a significant and regular income stream for charities.

A marketplace for charities

GoGive is extending outside of solely a round-up donation platform. After dozens of conversations with charities, they’ve realized that every single charity is fighting the same battles: developing an IT solution to process digital donations, converting visitors into donors and seeking out new donors.  A lot of resources are used to tackle these challenges instead of saving koalas, fighting cancer or helping children.

GoGive is proud to help more than 14,000 charities by providing a marketplace platform with built-in digital donation methods. Because GoGive is registered as a charity with fundraising approval, any eligible charity can now collect donations through the app at no cost.

On the other hand, donors can now discover new charities, donate in various way, visualize their impact and manage their donation plan from one platform. GoGive makes it extremely easy for users to support their new favourite charities.

GoGive’s CEO Alex Desbiez explains:

We also offer a complete set of donation methods to make sure donors can choose what they’re most comfortable with: round-up donations for the tech-savvy millennial, monthly plans for more wealthy donors or simple one-off donations when feeling a surge of generosity.”

Donating during COVID

The pandemic has been devastating for charities relying on in-person events to raise funds for their cause. Small and medium charities often struggle with the transition toward online donation as it comes with the technological challenge of setting up the right infrastructure but also due to the difficulty of online marketing. All these challenges are a financial burden on charities that already struggle to have enough funds for their cause.

With GoGive, charities can now collect donations at no cost and choose to be promoted in various ways on the platform to reach new donors.  GoGive handles all the heavy lifting so that charities can focus on what they do best: having a positive impact on the world.

Back to Basiqs

Basiq is powering GoGive’s trendy round-up donation method. With visibility on the daily transactions of their users, GoGive can automatically calculate and donate the spare change of their everyday purchases. They are also planning to leverage Basiq with their new Payday donation method that will let donors donate a fixed percentage of their paycheck.

GoGive’s CEO Alex Desbiez comments further:

“The integration of Basiq into the GoGive infrastructure has been a very pleasurable experience, a well-rounded API with an amazing technical support team, I couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience.”

Try GoGive today

GoGive is now live on both iOS and Android. Download the app, find a charity, donate any way you’d like and take a moment to feel good about yourself!
Download on iOS or Android today.

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