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Open Banking

Launching Basiq’s new partner program

Helping fintechs, financial institutions and lending providers build innovative, scalable financial solutions

Dealing with different platforms doesn’t have to be stressful

Basiq has launched a partnerships program providing greater capability and more value to customers. We are collaborating with a curated list of Open Banking enabled integration partners, as well as development and community partners, to meet the needs of fintechs, financial institutions and lending providers alike.

Organisations relying on customer financial data for product or service delivery often require support from multiple providers to access data across many sources and ensure it is fit for purpose. 

Finding and integrating with the necessary solutions can be a time consuming and technically complex process, particularly when it comes to Open Banking. Basiq’s partnership program has been designed to reduce the burden to business, saving them time, money and stress.

A list of trusted providers at your fingertips

Basiq’s Head of Accounts and Partnerships, Rebecca Tissington, says she is pleased to announce Simpology, Moroku, Zeal, Nimo, Authsignal and Codat as its flagship Integration Partners, that are leaders across lending, collections, fraud operations and financial management – for both business and personal.   

“We understand that businesses rely on multiple cloud-based platforms and data points to automate decisions, manage processes and increase customer conversion. We want to ensure the experience is frictionless so they can focus on what they do best– growing their business,” said Rebecca. 

“Basiq has always been about supporting the end-to-end experience of customers. Offering access to a range of trusted partners specialising in everything from loan origination to customer authentication is another step towards this goal.” 

All Integration Partners are Consumer Data Right (CDR) compliant as an Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) via Basiq. 

This is significant for the maturation of Open Banking. By offering access to specialised, CDR-enabled service providers, Basiq is expanding the possibilities when it comes to new use cases that will help promote and accelerate the uptake of Open Banking.  

Click here to find out more about Basiq’s partner program and affiliated suppliers. Alternatively, we are always looking to add new partners to the list. If this sounds like you, get in touch!