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Solving the intention-action gap with Greener

The cost, inconvenience and difficulty of finding sustainable alternatives means that even consumers who care deeply about the environment still struggle to reduce their emissions.

Recognised as the #1 ‘cleantech’ start-up in Australia, Greener is solving the intention-action gap for carbon-neutral consumption by leveraging transaction data to automatically clean up the emissions associated with everyday spending – for free.

“People want to be greener, but don’t know where to start. Our app makes it easy to understand your impact on the planet, then make sure that impact is a positive one. We guide people to genuine green businesses for everything they buy, and remove the emissions of their purchase. At no cost.”

– Tom Ferrier, CEO and founder @ Greener

Powering Greener choices with financial data

When a user signs up to Greener, Basiq will securely connect their bank account(s) for visibility into purchases made over the last 12 months. Greener can then combine this data with expertise from the world’s leading climate scientists, to instantly calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with that purchase.

Using Basiq, Greener can gain access to enriched transaction data on the merchant and expense category of each transaction, making it possible to provide Greener alternatives across all of a user’s purchases, whether it’s buying clothes or eating out.

An ongoing and real-time connection ensures that the app knows when a user spends with a Greener business and can make sure part of that spend goes to cleaning up and storing the emissions equivalent to those created by that purchase.

Greener founder Tom explains:

“Our pilot has taught us that mainstream customers want the feel-good factor of being green, without paying for it. And green businesses want to attract these customers, at lower cost. We bring Greener businesses and customers together to repair the planet. By promoting Greener businesses, the app is 100% free for users.”  

Greener’s pilot has also proven market share uplift for Greener businesses, bringing up to 21% of customers from their non-green competitors across various retail categories. This has encouraged some of Australia’s largest brands to participate in the initial launch, including Lush, Koala, MJ Bale, Aveda and Endota.

Greener is preparing to launch later this year and is inviting any business doing good things for the planet to join their network by signing up to Greener or getting in touch with

If you’re building a fintech solution and need ongoing access to banking data, get in touch with our team to see how Basiq can help – contact us here.

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