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per user / month

  • Real-time access to financial data
  • Connect to 140+ financial institutions
  • Platform access fee applies


Design a custom package
for your business

Available for businesses with large user volumes or unique business models




by product

Integration assistance


Packed with powerful features

Start with Basiq Connect – the essential tool you need to acquire financial data

  • Connect to all supported institutions
  • Access account details
  • Up-to-date account balances
  • Account and transaction classification
  • Access historical transactions
  • Easily integrate with our plugin control
  • Powerful Admin tools
  • Rich sandbox test data
  • Detailed usage reports

Enhance your data with powerful add-ons

Add-ons add enable you to extend the data with additional attributes
and features that add powerful capabilities to your app.


Provide your customers with a rich digital experience by helping them better understand where they’re spending.

  • Identify merchants
  • Acquire location data
  • Instant enrichment
  • Over 500 expense categories
  • Easy-to-use API service
  • Develop engaging PFM apps


per user / month

Additional to Connect pricing.


Conduct deep financial analysis, optimise online lending and get better insight into your customer’s financial commitments.

  • Income verification
  • Identify assets
  • Current net position
  • Expense analysis
  • Analyse liabilities
  • Combine data from multiple banks


per report

Additional to Connect pricing. Min. $6 spend

Payments – Collect

Verify bank account details and real-time balances to ensure successful payments in processing batch based direct debit payments.


$0.15 + 0.5%

of transaction value

Maximum charge is $1 per transaction

Payments – Send

Distribute funds via batch process or through NPP. By verifying account details, pay out directly to end users or 3rd party providers without the need to collect funds into your own account first.


$0.15 + 0.5%

of trans. value

Maximum charge of $1 per transaction


$0.20 + 0.5%

of trans. value

Maximum charge of $1 per transaction

Large number of users
or unique business model?

If you have 10,000+ active users per month or unique business needs, get in touch. Our teams will work with you to design a customised pricing package that works for your business.

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