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Basiq Partners

Zeal Solutions

Services offered

Lend.Ezee, Collect.Ezee, Hardship Management, Transactional data utilised within scorecards


Lending, Collections, Hardship, PFM / Budgeting

Credit Risk Specialists

Zeal Solutions was founded in 2006, specialising in consumer and commercial risk.
It provides leading-edge solutions within the finance, automotive and utilities sectors across the credit lifecycle for both consumer and commercial products. The Zeal team has extensive knowledge in credit risk, fraud prevention and automated decision system implementations on the Origination, account management, collection, comprehensive credit reporting and debt recovery processes.

Key Benefits of Partnership with Basiq

The partnership between Zeal Solutions and Basiq allows for faster and more accurate loan application processing, reducing manual data entry and minimising errors. Customers are able to securely connect to and share their financial data, providing lenders with real-time insights into income, expenses, savings patterns, and other financial indicators.

Key Benefits

Integrated income and expense validation

Meeting Responsible Lending guidelines, ensuring customers can meet their financial obligations.

Enhanced customer experience with transactional data

The ability to make tailored customer decisions based on the full financial picture of a customer across Collection & Hardship management ensures appropriate protections are provided to the customer and obligations are undertaken.

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