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Integrate – Rebuilt interfaces and decision engine rulesets with Basiq CDR date


Lending, Fraud, Account Verification, Digital Banking, PFM / Budgeting, Payments

Making digital lending simple

Nimo is a powerful, end-to-end digital lending platform automating the complete lending experience. It delivers the full product lifecycle from enquiry to loan management, and specialise in same day enquiry to settlement. Whether it’s collecting customer data online, or automating an end-to-end lending process across multiple product categories, Nimo is built to make the entire process simple for lenders, their customers and brokers. Nimo works out-of-the-box and is easy to adopt. Embracing collaboration, simplicity and exceptional user experience, the Nimo team provides pragmatic financial industry insights and digital domain experience to transform the origination process.

Key Benefits of Partnership with Basiq

Nimo has Basiq CDR functionality built in out-of-the-box and is ready to use with minimal configuration required. This means that within minutes of a Nimo customer entering their Basiq credentials, they will have CDR data access, integrated permission, data collection and categorisation all flowing into their Assessment engine rulesets.

With no more integration or delivery risk, start realising the benefits of CDR data sooner with the Nimo and Basiq partnership.

Key Benefits

Accelerate access to Open Banking

Nimo helps Banks and Lenders traditionally limited by budget or technical capability to immediately access the power of CDR data with prebuilt integration, workflows and rulesets to streamline the approval, access and utilisation of customers data.

Value through connecting and automating CDR data

Nimo works with Banks and Lenders to enable a frictionless customer experience and enhance their digital lending efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility, leading to reduced risk and increased operational effectiveness.

Our proprietary Basiq Nimo CDR solution empowers lenders to immediately adopt a more efficient lending process and leadership position to thrive in both current and emerging digital landscapes.

Peter Jones, Founder & COO, Nimo Industries

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