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Assess: Get insights into financial health for smarter, more efficient lending. Banking API: Connect to your SMB customers banking data


Lending, Accounting and Finance, Insights

Specialised infrastructure to help you ship integrated SMB products faster

Codat’s universal API connects fintech providers and financial institutions to all the major accounting, banking, eCommerce and payments platforms their customers use, with a single integration. The hardest thing about building financial products for small businesses is making them compatible with the interconnected web of other systems businesses use. Codat removes this complexity for financial service providers, turning their biggest challenge into their greatest differentiator. Founded in 2017, Codat is trusted by over 300 clients globally to power features for small business lending, accounting automation and more.

Key Benefits of Partnership with Basiq

Codat and Basiq’s partnership allows financial service providers to access banking, accounting and eCommerce data through a single standardised API for smarter, more efficient lending.

Key Benefits

Get a complete picture of your customers

Use banking data alongside accounting data to build more context around small businesses’ financial health. Improve data accuracy and quality by cross-referencing multiple data sources to surface more insight.

Generate actionable insights for smarter risk decisioning

Ensure high integrity data with automatic cross referencing and audit flags as well as unique SMB- specific transaction categorisation.

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