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Wealth & Investing

Wealth and Investing market leaders are staying ahead of the curve by embracing consumer consented financial data to provide seamless customer experiences and gain valuable insights through a holistic financial view of customers. Learn more in our latest use case guide.

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One off consent models have caused friction in the wealth and investment industry with platforms unable to provide responsible and easy to use investment services.


By leveraging Basiq’s Connect API, Pearler has real-time and ongoing connectivity to a user’s banking information and the ability to pre-check account details and funds in preventing failed deposits for a seamless investment experience. Allowing them to deliver on their promise to make responsible investing easier.

What our customers are saying


Nick Nicolaides, Founder

We’re an investing platform, and we want to harness data to remove the typical barriers or friction in the investing process, be it avoiding insufficient funds or speeding up the process. If people want to invest and know they have the money, then we want to make sure they can do that as easily as possible

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Discover more benefits & insights

Explore the benefits of using customer consented financial data across the Wealth & Investing landscape with Basiq.

  • Expedite customer account onboarding and verification
  • Set rules to automate payments and roundups based on events
  • Ongoing consent gives you a continuous view of your customers aggregated financial position at any point in time
  • Powerful account insights and more!

Industry Leading Products

Some of the most innovative fintechs in the world utilise the Basiq platform to provide market leading solutions.

Access account data in real-time


Get real-time access to account details, balances and transactions from financial institutions.

Enhance transactions with
merchant data


Get rich insights by identifying the merchant, expense category and location of each bank transaction.

Gain deep insight of your
customer’s finances


Get a better understanding of your customer’s financials by identifying income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Uncover rich insights
with data driven payments


Execute payments through the Basiq platform by combining the power of financial data and payments.

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