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Smart data driven payments

Execute payments through the Basiq platform by combining the power of financial data and payments. Optimise customer journeys and create powerful insights.

    Authorization: `Basic ${YOUR_API_KEY}`,
    payrequests: [
          requestId: '01824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09',
          description: 'Investment',
          amount: 173.45
    .then(res => res.status(200).json())
    .catch(err => res.status(400).json({ message: error.message}));

Seamless integration for data & payments

One line of code to integrate financial data access and payment execution, reducing your time to market.

See API Docs

    Authorization: `Basic ${YOUR_API_KEY}`,
    payrequests: [
          requestId: '01824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09',
          description: 'Investment',
          amount: 173.45
    .then(res => res.status(200).json())
    .catch(err => res.status(400).json({ message: error.message}));


Collect one-off and recurring payments in real-time via direct debit based engagement and hosted consent.

Reduce fraud and payment errors

By verifying customer account and bank details instantly and securely via Open Banking, preparing customers for recurring or one off payments by detecting debitable accounts.


Distribute funds in real-time to a third party or users nominated account. Disburse funds immediately to multiple recipients without the need to collect funds into your own account first.

Flexible payments via a single platform

Have the flexibility to choose how funds are distributed, whether its via Batch (Direct Credit) or NPP (Real time).

A single consent UI for end-users to authorise the sharing of financial data and execution of payments.

Style and configure mandates and consent policies all in one place via the Basiq dashboard.

Uncover rich insights with data driven payments

Typical payments lack context. Take the next step in understanding your customers.

Account Ownership

Seamlessly onboard end-users by verifying account ownership and have them ready for their first payment.

Fraud Prevention

Check account history to see how long an account has been open for, or if it has been transacted from, helping to lower the risk of fraud and reduces the need for micro deposits.

Capture BSB & Account Details

Reduce data input errors by automatically capturing account details straight from the financial institution.

Account Type Detection

Increase the success of executing a payment by ensuring the correct type of account is selected.

Enhanced payment tracking

Know with confidence when payments have been sent and have reached their destination.

Payment Reconciliations

Enriched payment data reduces the need for manual reconciliation of payments.

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How it works

Basiq provides all the tools necessary to easily and safely acquire financial data.
Use our developer-friendly APIs and UI controls to integrate directly within your application.

Build powerful financial solutions

Everything you need to quickly and securely develop, test and deploy your app.

Use our hosted consent management controls to speed up development or leverage our APIs to control the entire UI experience.

Intuitive Dashboard

Easily monitor job and connector performance with our intuitive dashboard.

Enterprise-grade security

Your customer’s data is safe with enterprise-grade security for data at rest, in transit and in use.

Rich Sandbox Environment

Start developing immediately by connecting your app to our rich sandbox environment that simulates real banking data.

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Bring your ideas to life

We have taken extreme care to design APIs that can easily be integrated with your solution, enabling you to access quality data and get to market faster.

  "type": "account",
  "institution": "AU00000",
  "accountHolder": "Gavin Belson",
  "name": "e-saver",
  "class": "savings",
  "accountNo": "00000-11111",
  "availableFunds": "420.28",
  "balance": "356.50",
  "currency": "AUD",
  "lastUpdated": "2020-03-20T13:39:33Z"
  "id": "fx789e",
  "type": "transaction",
  "description": "FLIGHT CENTRE CO    BRISB    QL",
  "status": "posted",
  "postDate": "2017-11-10T21:46:44Z",
  "transactionDate": "2017-11-09T00:00:00Z",
  "amount": "-139.98",
  "balance": "356.50",
  "direction": "debit",
  "class": "payment",
  "subClass": {
    "code": "722",
    "title": "Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services"
  "type": "connection",
  "id": "8fce3b",
  "status": "active",
  "lastUsed": "2017-09-28T11:15:09Z",
  "profile": {
    "fullName": "Gavin Belson",
    "firstName": "Gavin",
    "lastName": "Belson",
    "phoneNumber": "0400 000 000",
    "email": "",
    "physicalAddresses": [
        "addressLine1": "666 Better Place Rd",
        "postcode": "94020",
        "city": "Palo Alto",
        "state": "California",
        "country": "USA",
        "countryCode": "US",
        "formattedAddress": "666 Better Place Road, Palo Alto 94020, CA, USA"
  "type": "payrequest",
  "requestId": "01824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09",
  "status": "in-progress",
  "payer": {
    "payerUserId": "21824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09",
    "payerBankBranchCode": "730002",
    "payerAccountNumber": "123456789"
  "description": "Investment",
  "amount": 173.45,
  "currency": "AUD"

Plug and Play with the rest of the Basiq Platform

Payments works seamlessly with our other products. Get real-time access to financial data through Connect, use acquired data to understand the nature of each spend via Enrich, or get the complete financial view of your customers with Affordability.

Access account and transaction
data in real-time


Get real-time access to account details, balances and transactions from financial institutions.

Gain deep insight of your
customer’s finances


Get a better understanding of your customer’s financials by identifying income sources, expenses, assets and liabilities.

Enhance transactions with
merchant data


Get rich insights by identifying the merchant, expense category and location of each bank transaction.

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