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Move money

Initiate fast, secure and reliable account to account payments to
deliver your use case to market.

Used by innovative organisations

Utilise a smooth and effortless payments solution

  • Collect

  • Send

  • Actions

  • Collect

    Process smart payment collection by leveraging the use of consented financial data. Verify bank account details and real-time balances to ensure successful payments, and have the flexibility to choose real-time and/or batch based payments.

  • Send

    Distribute funds by using consented financial data via Batch (direct credit) or NPP (real-time). Through verifying account details, pay out directly to end users or 3rd party providers without the need to collect funds into your own account first.

  • Actions

    Save development time and use pre-configured workflows that combine data and payments. Automate processes such as round ups, sweeps and automated savings to integrate into your use case

Eliminate payment failures

Designed to prevent fraud, reduce errors and ensure funds reach the right account, access the Basiq platform to optimise the use of data and insights in processing payments. Create a frictionless payments experience and stop having to deal with failed payments.

A single flow to manage consent

Cut down on development costs and speed up your time to market by using Basiq's ready-to-use Consent UI solution. Simply drop the customisable consent UI into your application to enable the sharing of data to seamlessly align with your application.

Utilise the Dashboard to manage user consent that dynamically generates the user interface, set up branding and styling components, and integrate analytics to maximise conversions.

One platform, One integration

Reduce your time to market and save costs by integrating to one platform to access data and payment services. Use the Basiq dashboard to configure payments services and easily reconcile and track payments.

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What can you do?

View payrequest transactions

View payout transactions

Set up development environment

Troubleshoot payment errors

Search individual transactions

Dashboard user management

Payments use cases

Build your application

Wealth & Investing

Calculate round ups on transactions and utilise payment collection to seamlessly make contributions to investment accounts on a regular basis.

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Salary Advance

Once an applicant for salary advance services is approved, utilise Send to transfer funds in real-time directly to the applicant’s verified bank account.

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Personal Financial Management

Combine the use of round ups on daily transactions with payment collection from bank accounts to seamlessly make donation contributions on a regular basis.

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Built for developers

Get a head start with our developer guides, and make your first call to our APIs within a few minutes. Simple to use, RESTful, and fully documented APIs that help you integrate seamlessly with your application. Our intuitive sandbox allows you to test your apps before going live.

Get started

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'authorization: Bearer {token}' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
  "payrequests": [
     "payerUserId": "21824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09",
      "payerBankBranchCode": "730002",
     "payerAccountNumber": "123456789"
    "collectFundsToFloat": null,
    "checkAccountBalance": null,
    "requestId": "01824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09",
    "description": "Investment",
    "amount": 173.45

   "jobs": [
      "type": "job",
      "id": "b1824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09",
      "requestId": "01824ad0-73f1-0138-3700-0a58a9feac09",
      "links": {
        "self": ""

Developer quick start guides

Everything you need to successfully integrate with the Basiq API.

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Other Products


Access data feeds from banks & other financial institutions, super funds and energy providers with account information and detailed transaction history to gain a deeper understanding of your end users.

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Generate insights from financial data and get a complete financial picture of your customers. Understand income sources, financial commitments, risk metrics and obtain accurate expense categorisation and merchant insights.

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