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New feature – Connector Status in Dashboard

You can now see the status of each Basiq financial institution open banking connector in real-time.

You can now see the real-time status of all Basiq connectors at a glance!

Understanding the current status of every connector to financial institutions is critical not only for troubleshooting, but pro-actively managing user experience, particularly during onboarding.

Ongoing commitment to increasing our coverage

With our ongoing commitment to constantly increasing our financial institution coverage, our development team is hard at work, creating, updating and monitoring this growing list of connectors. Despite this, there are times when connector performance is impacted by factors outside of our control.The most common causes are service disruptions and unannounced changes to a bank’s digital platform.

Other common reasons for a connection failing (which are not status related) include when a customer has changed their password or the connection is being blocked due to a pop-up. In these cases it’s important to use the returned error code to open a dialogue with your customer. For example, by prompting you customer with troubleshooting questions like: “Have you recently activated two-factor authentication on your account?”

Independently checking the connector status is a useful first step when a customer reports a problem connecting their accounts or accessing the latest data. Our new dashboard status page means you can now troubleshoot at a glance, without having to check connector status programmatically using our institutions endpoint.

How to view connector status from the Basiq dashboard

The Status Dashboard can be viewed by clicking on the status link on the left hand side of the Dashboard home screen. Each supported institution is displayed, and you can filter by name or status.

Each institution is colour coded to indicate the following status:

  • Operational: institution connector performance is optimal, retry is recommended on job failure.
  • Under Maintenance: institution connector is operational however a release occurred during the evaluation window, or the connector is still in beta stage so is being  continuously improved.
  • Degraded Performance: institution connector is operational with a majority of jobs succeeding, retry is recommended on job on failure.
  • Partial Outage: institution connector is operational however with only a proportion of jobs succeeding first time, retry is recommended in one hour.
  • Major Outage: institution connector is still operational however with only a minority of jobs succeeding; creating or refreshing a connection should either be deferred by one to three hours, or retry every hour.

The Status of institution connectors is evaluated and updated every 30 minutes using jobs occurring in the previous hour.  Service disruptions are often quickly rectified, so it’s recommended that you refresh the status page frequently when troubleshooting.

Even the most well-maintained web services are subject to disruption and degraded performance. Connection outages will still be common after every institution has an open API under the Consumer Data Right. It’s important to develop the right workflows for various scenarios to ensure that service disruptions have minimal impact on your user experience.  

For example, if a user’s selected institution is unavailable during onboarding, you can proactively let your user know that there are delays in retrieving data as a means of error prevention. You can also take this a step further but notifying them when the data is ready.

Existing customers and partners can see this new feature for themselves by logging into the Dashboard or if you’re new to the Basiq platform, sign up for a free trial.